Kangoeroe game 2014.




    Trigo game.




                    Kangoeroe game 2013.




                   Light out game 2012.


           German kangoeroe game from 2011.


           Idea: Karsten Adlung.

           Graphics: Dennis Lohausen.

The memory of the kangoeroe 2011 is Trits.






                                The memory of the 2010 kangoeroe

                                is a 2x2 version and called: folding flat 4.



German puzzle 2011.


Das Baumeisterspiel von unendlicher Vielfalt.












The memory of the kangoeroe 2008 is the turn push puzzle.


Early 1980 discovered Douglas A.Engel,

the turnpush puzzle.





Quarto. Kangoeroe 2008.




                  Tantrix, German puzzle 2008.



                  4 carts with 8 puzzles.



German kangaroo from  2009, with a little book.

rubiks slang
rubiks slang




        The Rubiks snake from 2009.


blauwe kangoeroe kubus
blauwe kangoeroe kubus
kangoe color match
kangoe color match

  The kangoeroe item 2007.


If you have a square with its diagonals and the divides into four pieces each,

Red-Yellow or Blue color then there appear different possibilities.

With these 24 pieces, you can create interesting puzzles.

In 1921, Percy Alexander MacMahou Briton some of these possibilities in his book New Mathematical pastimes.

The puzzles do a bit like dominoes.

Never beetwo pieces with different colors to collide!

                                                          text from the accompanying booklet.


The wirrel warrel cube: German item from 2007


Place the 6 pieces from their context and place the 6 pieces together so that the mini cube wirrel warrel to form.


Each color is puzzling and difficult of all six colors at once the maxi wirrel warrel cube form.


Blue : pretty easy

Green : sligtly difficult

Yellow : the world puzzle

Orange: that takes sweat

Red : compilicated

purple : for professors

tetrapuzzel 2006
tetrapuzzel 2006






     With 4 cubes you can make 8 different shapes.

kubus 2x2 2006
kubus 2x2 2006





         German kangoeroe mini cube 2 x 2 in 2006.

spirograaf 2005
spirograaf 2005

The spiro court is not very old,accidentally invented by the Englisman Denis Fisher.

In the next four years(1964- 1967) won the game, the price for "Best Toys of the Year".

In England it was such a big success, that manufacturer hat to in crease its production from 1.000 to 12 million units a year!



This information was given in the booklet of the game.

inpak puzzel uit 2004.
inpak puzzel uit 2004.





         Kangoeroe puzzle from 2004

German item

A game of two sides to use from 2003.

yellow side triangle

green side kastell

Two different sliding puzzles from 2002

1 horizontal and 1 vertical, see the pictures.



2x puzzle, one from 1995 and one from 2000.